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La lenta lavorazione artigianale e l'utilizzo di ingredienti di alta qualità creano un torrone irripetibile LA STORIA
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Il gusto esclusivo delle nostre colombe
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Più buoni gli ingredienti più buono il torrone Nocciole Avellinesi, Mandorle pugliesi, miele di acacia da piccoli produttori locali. Ma l'ingrediente principale è l'esperienza di chi il torrone lo fa da secoli Scopri di più

Family taste since 1750

Once upon a time there was an exquisite, traditional Italian nougat, handmade by a skilled master nougat-maker. This is not a fairy tale, but a delightful reality. Because that nougat still exists. And that master nougat-maker was Gianni Festa’s great-great-grandfather’s great-great-grandfather’s grandfather. And Gianni Festa is now the current owner of Di lorio 1750 and has added to our range of delectable creations over the years.

The monachino

Characteristic soft nougat, it is covered with dark chocolate that contains a sweet and pleasant cream that delicately embraces hazelnuts and cocoa.


It is one of Di Iorio's unmissable delicacies. It was born as an Avellana hazelnut covered with chocolate: a specialty that, over the years, has been enriched by numerous and equally delicious alternatives to meet everyone's desires.


The extraordinary mixture of the truffle, soft and crunchy, gives a sweet and pleasant sensation, never cloying. A unique impact on the palate, enhanced by the best flavors of the Irpinia tradition.


Peels are a simple and intense pleasure, absolutely natural. In the Montemiletto laboratories, the best fresh fruit becomes a sweet and irresistible attraction for gourmands.


The Croccantino is a well-sweetened mixture of almonds and hazelnuts. A delicious caramelized crunchy heart, covered with milk or dark chocolate, lemon or orange.


The panettone, soft and very tasty, is one of the excellences of the Di Iorio house for the production of which mother yeast is used for a slow, very slow leavening of 36 hours.

  1. Gianni Festa - Mastro Dolciere

    ``Every day, when I make my nougat, I think it must be worthy of 250 years of history``.

  2. Taste gold medal

    The Di lorio shop was the only one in Campania that was already centuries-old. And this family tradition was officially consecrated when the first classic Italian nougat producer’s license was granted to Vincenzo Di lorio, the current owner's great-grandfather. This was also the year the family won the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition in Milan.

  3. When it all begins

    It all began in 1750, when the current family's ancestors began to make nougat according to the ancient tradition of these lands. We are in Santa Paolina, a small village in the mountains of Irpinia.

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